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Lincoln Middle School Library: Narrative Poem: U.S. Historical Events

152 Jenckes Hill Road

Narrative Poem: Resources

Use the resources below to find information that will help you learn more about the historical event you have chosen!

World Book Online

Click below for World Book Online!


Citing a World Book Article

If you use information from World Book Student, cite the article by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Write the MLA citation on your graphic organizer.

ABC-CLIO American History

Citing a Website

Citing a Website

If you use information or images from a website, use the following format to cite: 


Last name, First name of author (if given). "Article Title in Quotation Marks." Title of Website in Italics. Website Publisher. Web. Date Month Year you accessed the website. 


"Battles of Lexington and Concord." A&E Networks. Web. 19 January 2018. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The following reference e-book titles are available in the LMS GALE Virtual Reference Library: Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource, Colonial America Reference Library, French and Indian War, American Revolution Reference Library , Spanish-American War, Westward Expansion Reference Library, UXL American Decades,  Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Physical Geography, Space Exploration Reference Library and many more!! Click the logo above to visit our virtual library and see all the titles

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Citing a book

Citing a Book

If you use a book in print to get information for your narrative poem project, follow the MLA format below to cite it. Write the citation on your graphic organizer. Make sure you use the punctuation marks as indicated below. Also, double-check spelling and capitalization.


Author's Last name, First name. Title of Book in Italics. City where the book was published:  The name of the publisher, Year of publication. 


Richmond, Perle. Phillis Wheatley. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1988.

Citing a Magazine

Citing a Magazine

If you use information from a magazine use the format below to cite it on your Works Cited page:


Last name, First name of the author of the article. "Article Title in Quotation Marks."  Magazine Title in Italics. Day (if given) Month Year the magazine was published: Page(s). Print. 


Currie, Stephen. "Lexington and Concord." Cobblestone. May/June 2010: 9-10. Print.