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8th Grade Research Class: Return Home

20th Century Learners

  • Information literacy has progressed from the simple definition of finding resources.


  • Multiple literacies, including digital, visual, textual, and technology, have now joined information literacy as crucial skills for the 21st century.


  • The amount of information available to our students necessitiates that each student acquire the skills to select, evaluate and use information appropriately and effectively.


Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. American Association of School Librarians. 2014.


Career Day


Grade 8 Digital and Media and Information Literacy Syllabus

Description: This class will provide an introduction to the research and literacy skills needed to succeed in middle school, high school and beyond.  Students will be able to access information, analyze information critically, create and evaluate.

Digital Literacy......"Beyond technology is the ability to evaluate the credibility and quality of information, compare and contrast different resources, and understand their purposes and points of view." "A Champion for Digital Literacy." Interview by Andy Smith. Providence Journal 24 Nov. 2013, Sunday ed.: n. pag. Print.

Class Schedule (May be Modified)

WEEKLY Digital Literacy/Research Class Lessons

Week of May 1, 2017
Copyright Assignment

Trimester 1 Last Class

Mrs. Mouradjian