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Circulation Policies

Each class meets for library every week for 40 minutes.

Kindergarteners may select one book every week.

First Graders may select one book every week.

Second Graders may select up to two books every week.

Third Graders may select up to 3 books every week.

Fourth Graders may select up to 3 books every 2 weeks.

Fifth Graders may select up to 3 books every 2 weeks.


Students, please remember to return materials on your scheduled library day. Please do not loan your library books to your friends.

Taking Good Care of Library Books:

  • Keep all books inside.
  • Keep all books away from pets and babies.
  • Be sure your hands are clean when you read a book.
  • Protect your books from bad weather. Use a bookmark to save your place.
  • Store your books in a safe place when you are finished reading them.
  • Remember your library day and bring your books back on time so you can check out more books.


Caregivers, it is the student's responsibility to take care of their book(s) and return them to the library on their library day. Please help your child find one special place to keep their library books so that they are easy to find and will not be damaged by younger siblings and pets. When library books are kept in good condition and returned, then all students can enjoy them again and again!

Thank you for your support of the Quidnessett Library Media Center.

Happy Reading!


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