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Truth or Dare: Truth or Dare: Project Intro

Spring 2015: Documentary Project with Grade 6 Students

Unit Overview

"Truth or Dare" is a video project for all grade 6 students. The project is funded by a mini-grant from the Teachers Association of Newport and by funding from the Thompson PTO.  Jane Pickens Theater will generously host our culminating event in June, a red carpet evening showcasing student work.

During this unit, students will explore a topic of local importance through collaborative group work. The classroom teachers, reading specialist,  teacher librarian, technology teacher, other TMS educators, and community mentors, will work together to support students. 

Each group of students will create a short documentary film to showcase their learning. 

To create a video, students will:

  • View examples of documentaries and discuss the parts of a successful documentary.
  • Select a topic of local importance and personal interest.
  • Conduct research using multiple sources of information including, but not limited to: educational websites, personal interview,  speeches, databases, and books. 
  • Photograph and/or record video about the topic.
  • Log footage (Note important quotes and the time notation within the full segment).
  • Import media (photos, videos, music, etc.) into an organized project folder.
  • Write a script, synthesizing information and planning the final video.
  • Use video editing tool, such as Windows MovieMaker, to create the final video.

Tips for Students

1. Be POWERful Thompson Students!

2. Log in using the video project username and password. Use the login ONLY for project work.

3. Access and save all files to your group's assigned project folder on the Z Drive.

4. Keep project folders organized

5. Do not move or rename folders. 

6. Need help? Overcome challenges with help from your team members and your teachers.