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Western Hills Middle School Library: Great Depression/New Deal



Your task is to create a Google Slides presentation dealing with the Great Depression and the New Deal, using primary source documents contained in the Library of Congress online digital collections and other sources provided. This presentation will contain four main sections. Each section will illustrate a different aspect of the Great Depression and the New Deal.

The sections will be divided into:


1. Title

2. Photograph Section

3. Program Section

4. Discussion Section Question

Step 1 - Title Slide

Step 1: Title Slide


Design and decorate a title page for your Google Slides. Use a photograph (as a background). The title page should include your name and class period- Title: “Great Depression/New Deal Era”

Step 2 - Pictures

Step 2: Pictures


I. In the second section of the Google Slides, you are required to look at TWO PHOTOS dealing with the Great Depression/New Deal. Use the links below to look at photos.

II. Include on each photo slide:

a. Copy of the photo (only one photo per slide)

b. A description of each photo explaining the scene

c. Relate the photo the Great Depression/New Deal

Step 3 - New Deal Programs

In the third section of the Google Slides, you are required to read in your textbook pg. 723-725 (Discovering Our Past A History of The United States   2016 McGraw Hill) and other sources provided to choose TWO PROGRAMS designed as part of the “New Deal.”

Use the links below to find more information on the New Deal programs.

Include in each document slide:

1. Name of Program

2. Who it Helped

3. How It Helped Them

4. Picture of Logo/Symbol or related subject


Step 4 - Discussion Questions

Develop a higher level question that will lead to a discussion about the Great Depression/New Deal.


What leads to the reduction of food produced by farmers?

When you have a depression, how do you help people go back to work?

Include only the question in your slide.