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Library Media Center supporting Common Core

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Common Core calls for short research projects that integrate information skills, such as gathering information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively, evaluating each source, paraphrasing information and citing sources.

What content and skills will our students remember when they leave here and enter high school?

Our goal is to help students become independent lifelong learners. Do they know how to to find good, reliable information?  Do they know how to conduct an effective search? Do they know how to create their own graphic organizer and take notes in their own words, do they know how to plan for their research?

We know that  inquiry projects based on good questions provide opportunities for students to engage more fully with content, take ownership of their learning, and strengthen important information literacy skills.

The LMS offers different levels of support and in different locations

In the library or in a lab or classroom

- pre-search resources to ensure that the best print and digital resources are available. We have many paid-for resources that are not available on Google. 

- provide a short demonstration that supports the inquiry project , such as  showing students recommended website, databases or other resources and how to use them

 - provide a longer lesson on effective search strategies, note taking, evaluating websites,  or citing sources, etc)

 -provide instruction in using a technology tool

Teacher collaborating with LMS to plan an inquiry project ; LMS creates rubric and assesses information skills

Team collaborates with LMS to plan a quarter-long (integrated) unit that supports content area goals while integrating information and technology skills.  Students learn to use a structured problem-solving/research method (Big6). 

Online Resources

EBSCO: great resource for a variety of texts

The EBSCO database, available free from, includes a wide variety of informational texts and media:  newspaper and magazine articles, videos, photographs, primary source documents, government documents, etc.  

Students and teachers may search through the various databases within EBSCO and filter by criteria such as key terms, lexile reading level, and date.  Most of the databases offer the read-aloud feature. (Headphones are available from the library).

Using this database requires instruction and students benefit from multiple opportunities to use this great resource. 

When students search the main EBSCO database, they should start by choosing "Middle Search Plus."

EBSCO includes:  Points of View, Biography Collection, KidsSearch (Grades 4-8), Student Research Center, and History Reference Center. 

See the Library Media Specialist for more information or to schedule your class.

Useful Resources

TEACHERS: Do you have a useful resource to share?

Recommended Online Resources

1) offers a wide selection of high-quality informational resources, including the EBSCO database and World Book Encyclopedia Online. 

World Book Online Kids (Grades 3-8) is perfect for shorter articles and helps students to get the main ideas about a topic.  World Book Student is the equivalent of the print version in the library. World Book Online also links directly to websites and magazine articles.  All World Book articles have a read-aloud feature and  provide the MLA citations.

World Book Advanced offers additional features which may be of interest to teachers. It also includes thousands of fiction and non-fiction e-books.

2) Culturegrams Online. (also available from the Winman RICAT page)
This is the best online resource for country and state information.  It offers two levels.  Log in is required.  See Mrs. Tow for username and password.