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Tutoring Services provided by the East Greenwich National Honor Society: FAQ

Tutoring services provided by the EG National Honor Society.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Virtual Walk-In Center

1. What's the best way to use the Center?

The Center operates with a question-and-answer format. If students have short, content-based queries-- say they don't know how to approach a homework problem-- they can solicit help from NHS volunteers through the Center. 

Come prepared with specific questions and concepts you want clarified. Help us to help you.

2. How is this different from the NHS Peer Tutoring Program?

The Peer Tutoring Program is designed to address study habits, and allows students to forge long-term relationships with peer tutors. The Center is designed to assist students with short, content-based queries.

The Center does not have any sort of weekly requirements. Come whenever you need help. 

3. What are your goals for the Center?

Students aren't always comfortable seeking virtual support from teachers, and usually prefer reaching out to fellow students.

To this end, the Center allows underclassmen-- particularly freshmen-- to forge connections with NHS members, and assimilate themselves into EGHS academic culture.

4. Can I get "cheat notes" and old quizzes from the Center?

Absolutely not.

Academic dishonesty of any sort-- including, but not limited to, the dissemination of completed assignments, old tests, and "insider" information generally-- is strictly prohibited, and is grounds for disciplinary action.  

5. How do I get help from the Virtual Walk-In Center?

Please see the linked video for guidance.