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Hopkins Hill Elementary School Library: Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation Tutorial

Week #1

Essential Question: How can I choose trustworthy websites for my research?

Looking into Authority 

Questions to ask: 

Who is in charge of the website? 

Who wrote it?


We just watched the "Evaluation Websites Tutorial" and reviewed where to find the "About Us" section. 

Look at the website below and practice finding the author of the webpage/article and who is in charge of the website. Hint: The "About Us" section (found at the top or the bottom of the page) is a good place to start!

Record your answers in your website evaluation packet! 

Week 2

Essential Question: How can I choose trustworthy websites for my research?

Score Your Site

Last week, we practiced finding the Author of a webpage as well as the company/organization that owns the website. This week, we are going to rate websites using all of TRAAP's indicators: Timeliness, Relevance, Accuracy, Author, and Purpose. 


Use the first "Score Your Site" page in your research packet (front and back!) to decide whether or not the website below is trustworthy:

**Don't forget! The About Us section is found at the top or the bottom of the page. It holds all the website's secrets!



Week 3

Essential Question: How can you know FOR SURE whether your website is trustworthy or not? 


Sometimes a website can look trustworthy, but it is not

In order to know FOR SURE whether the information found on a site is correct, check another website to see if it has similar information.


Use the second "Score Your Site" paper to decide if this website is trustworthy or not:


Week 4


Directions: Go to the website below and "score your site!" Then, ON THE BACK, answer the question: "Is this a trustworthy website? How do you know?