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Narragansett High School Library: Oral History Project

Home page for Narragansett HS LibGuides

Books to Explore

Some books have been placed on a cart for your perusal.  Use the library's catalog to search for additional titles.  

 Explore both the Reference Section (the shelves along the back of the wall) and the Circulating Section (the tall shelves) to find additional titles.

900's History and Geography

  • 900--History
  • 910--Geography & Travel
  • 920--Biography & Genealogy
  • 930--History of the Ancient World
  • 940--History of Europe
  • 950--History of Asia
  • 960--History of Africa
  • 970--History of North America
  • 980--History of South America
  • 990--History of Other Regions

Specific Classification Numbers of the Wars

  • 909--World History
  • 920--Historical Biographies
  • 940--WWII
  • 951--Korean War
  • 955--Gulf War
  • 956--Iraq War
  • 958--Afghan War
  • 959--Vietnam War
  • 973--US History

eBooks to Explore


World Book Online

World Book Advanced Online offers brief articles, primary sources and eBooks on many Supreme Court Cases.  Use the search bar below to get started.

Databases to Explore

Notice the information following the asterisk marks...this will give you directions on how to filter your results to access primary sources.

NHS Database/eBook Passwords

Search the Library Collection for Books and Other Materials using the NHS Library Catalog (RICAT/Follett)!

How to Create Citations Using NoodleTools