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Narragansett High School Library: Italian Renaissance

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Books in the Library

Books have been pulled and stored on a cart for your perusal.  Other areas in the library to look for books...

Explore both the Reference Section and the Circulating Section!

  • 500-509--Science
  • 600-609--Technology
  • 700-09--Arts
  • 730's--Sculpture
  • 740's--Drawing
  • 750's--Painting
  • 920's--Biography
  • 940's--History of Europe

Additional Resources


Consult the databases linked below.  Consider your search term when conduting your research. 

Search terms to try:

  • Italian Renaissance
  • Italian Renaissance Artists
  • Italian Renaissance Art
  • Artist's Name
  • Art Period or Movement's Name (Proto-Renaissance, Trecento, Early Renaissance, Quattrocento, High Renaissance, Cinquecento, Venetian High Renaissance, Late Renaissance, Mannerism)




Consider the following websites while researching.