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Narragansett High School Library: Law and Society

Home page for Narragansett HS LibGuides

Social Issues in Today's Society

Essential Questions:

How is this issue being viewed in society today?  How have the courts decided cases in the past?

Books to Explore

Books have been pulled and placed on a cart for your perusal.  You may also search the library's catalog to find specific titles or see what other books are still on the shelves.

Websites to Explore

The links above are just a sample of websites to explore.  When using Google, be sure to check the reliability of the website before you use it for your research.  A checklist to help you determine the reliability of a website is below.  Ask your librarian or teacher for help!

Websites to Explore--Supreme Court Cases

The websites below specifically contain information about law cases AND Supreme Court cases.

Databases to Explore

Search the NHS Library Catalog Here (RICAT/Follett)!