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Narragansett High School Library: Foreign Policy Letter to a Senator

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Check Your Sources

Project Details from Mrs. Hayes-Leite

Notecard Requirements:

  • Appropriate notecards to support a thorough investigation of the issue and the US role in it.
  • One (1) primary source
  • One (1) government source (United Nations included)
  • One (1) think tank source

Some Tags for Your Notecards:

  • "Overview"
  • "Background/History"
  • "Major Players"
  • "U.S. Role"
  • "Global Impact"
  • "Policy Options"
  • "Expert Opinions" - for primary source

Research Questions:

  • See the "Issue Investigation Sheet"


Websites to Explore

International News




Database to Explore

Google News

Sample Notecard for Foreign Policy Research