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Narragansett High School Library: February 2020 Selection

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Meeting Date

February Meeting Date: March 3, 2020

February's Selection

Discussion Questions

  • What are your thoughts about the structure of the novel?  It takes place in one night and is broken into five sections.  How does this structure advance the plot of the book?  How does it help create a certain mood?  
  • What are your thoughts about having alternating narrators?  Does it add to or take away from the book or the message of the book?
  • What do you think is the status of the relationships by the end of the book?  Lena and Black?  Black and his friends?  Lena and Marcus?  Lena and Pops?  Campbell and Dad?  Lena and Campbell?  Any other relationships?
  • What do you think the title of the book means?

Themes to Explore

  • Prejudice vs. Racism
  • Overt vs. Covert Racism