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Ponaganset Middle School Library: Being Online: Resources for our Community

Digital Citizens

Keeping up with technology tools that students are using for school and socializing can be a daunting task.   Here are some suggestions for discussing technology use with your student.

  • Have proactive conversations about twice a month.
  • Open these conversations by asking, “Can you show me how you use your Chromebook, iPad, laptop, smartphone to do school work?”
  • Follow up questions might include, “What have you created?” or “How do you keep track of everything on this device?” or “Do you ever get distracted by text messages/games/social media when you’re trying to work?”

These suggestions come from a blog post by Kelly Gallgher titled, "My child knows more about #edtech than I do!"  Read more at

Be Safe

We want our children to be safe online.

Be Kind

We want our children to be kind.

Be Savvy

We want our children to show their best selves online.