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Tiverton Middle School: Space Exploration

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  • Air and Space Museum
    Visit the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum site, Exploring the Planets: Our Solar System. Click on the planet link to access information. Discover surface features and planetary characteristics.
  • Enchanted Learning Planets
    Includes many charts comparing all 8 planets, plus Pluto. Click on the picture of your planet at the top to discover more.
  • Globio Solar System
    Click on your planet to find statistics and fun facts.
  • NASA
    This site from NASA has current information on all the planets. Check out the Homework Helper section.
  • National Geographic: Planets
    Click on your planet to find more information. Check out the interactive feature.
  • Nine Planets
    Scroll to find your planet. There's history, mythology and information about each planet and the moons.
  • Planet Size Comparison
    Compare the size of any two planets. Be sure to change the unit of measure to "miles."
  • Star Child: The Planets and Dwarf Planets
    Look at the table of Inner Planets, Outer Planets and Dwarf Planets. Click on your planet to read basic information and view images. View the planet's symbol. Scroll down the page to click the button "The Facts" and "Did You Know." There is a Level 1 version which may be easier to read.

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