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St. Andrew's School Library: I & S - Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration


This LibGuide has been created to help you find valid academic resources about the Age of Exploration. Use this LibGuide to learn more about the subject you are studying. It has resources that have been curated for you because they have passed tests of reliability, accuracy and credibility.

Getting Started


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Possible Keyword Search Terms to Try

  1. Western civilization
  2. Ships
  3. Trade routes
  4. Continents
  5. History of Antarctica
  6. Great Britain
  7. Age of Discovery
  8. British imperialism
  9. Latin American history
  10. Maritime fur trade
  11. Native Americans
  12. North American archaeology
  13. North American history
  14. South American archaeology
  15. South American history
  16. United States history
  17. Christopher Columbus,
  18. Ferdinand Magellan
  19. Francis Drake
  20. James Cook
  21. Juan Sebastian Elcano
  22. Leif Eriksson
  23. Martin Waldseemuller
  24. Vasco da Gama
  25. The Americas
  26. Europe