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Curtis Corner Middle School Library: Citing Sources: Bibliography

Using EasyBib

Use EasyBib or Citation Machine to help you generate source citations.  The examples on this page use Easybib, but Citation Machine works exactly the same way.  


Use Owl at Purdue to help you make sure that citations created by EasyBib are correct (because they very often are not). 

Ask yourself what you are trying to cite?  Remember, just because you found an item on the Internet, doesn't mean that you are citing a website.

To use Easybib, let's start with an easy website citation.  


Use the video below to see how I used Easybib to create this citation for my bibliography:

Next, let's try a website that isn't as easy. 

Watch the video to see how I created this citation: 


Let's look at citing an article from a magazine that is published online.  

Here is the citation:

Clemente, Deirdre. "The Great Gatsby's Fabulous Betrayal of 1920s Fashion." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 8 May 2013. Web. 31 Jan. 2017.

Use the video below to see how I created this ‚Äčcitation for an article I found online.





When you have completed your citations, they should be put in alphabetical order by author's last name.  

You can check out a sample Works Cited page on Purdue Owl.  

Or, you can check out the Works Cited page that I created in the videos: