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Curtis Corner Middle School Library: LIbrary Policies

CCMS Library Policies

    Curtis Corner Middle School library seeks to provide the students and staff with efficient and ethical access to information through books and technology resources.  As technology evolves, we strive to “break down” the walls of the library and deliver more remote access to materials.   Collection development is driven by both curricular needs and the reading interests of students. Students and staff should consider the library to be a flexible and welcoming space for learning, problem solving, and exploring individual interests.   

Weeding is a necessary, although difficult, part of library maintenance.  While no one (particularly book-loving librarians!) likes to get rid of books, weeding allows students and staff to access relevant and accurate items more efficiently.  


The CCMS library follows the following process when weeding the library collection.


  1. Initial selection of an item for potential weeding is based on

    • Circulation statistics (not checked out for 5+ years)

    • Relevancy  to the curriculum

    • Condition of the book

    • Accuracy of the material (i.e. technology, medical and science topics should be relatively new)

    • Relevancy to the reading/research interests of middle school students

  2. Once titles have been identified as candidates for weeding

    • Faculty and staff will be notified and given the chance to review

    • Books still relevant to the general curriculum will be returned to the shelf or replaced

    • Books may be removed from the library but relocated to classrooms  

  3. If both the librarian and staff deem that books should indeed be weeded

    • Students may be offered the books (if school is in session)

    • Books may be taken to Rose Hill “library” (This facility recycles titles by offering them to the general public)

    • Books may be given to an appropriate charitable organization that re-sells donated items (Big Brothers, Big Sisters, etc)

    • Books may be placed in paper recycling

Interlibrary Loan

  • All items in circulation are available for interlibrary loan with some minor exceptions:

    • Books marked as "Emerging Reader" have been purchased with funds other than the library's and only circulate internally. 

    • Books that have been purchased within the month will be available for ILL on a case-by-case basis. 

    • The librarian reserves the right to not loan new materials until the school's library orientations have been completed.  

  • Library staff and patrons can submit interlibrary loan requests.

  • Interlibrary loan requests will be filled at the discretion of the school librarian.

  • Local patron hold requests take precedence over interlibrary loan requests for the same item.

  • Items that are specifically reserved for in-library or classroom use are temporarily excluded from interlibrary loan as needed.

  • An individual patron can request a maximum of two items at one time.

  • ILL requests will be filled (or declined) as quickly as possible.

  • There are no interlibrary loan fees or overdue fines.

  • Lost or significantly damaged items must be paid for at the cost of replacement. In certain circumstances, a replacement copy may be accepted.

  • Items borrowed through interlibrary loan have a 35 day loan period and can be renewed one time.

Service Policy

  • The Curtis Corner Middle School (CCMS) library is open to Curtis Corner students and staff.

  • Curtis Corner Middle School (CCMS) students, school district staff members, and parents can check out all items that are part of our regular circulation.

  • There are no overdue fines.

  • Lost or significantly damaged materials must be paid for at the cost of replacement.

  • Interlibrary loans requests can be placed by CCMS patrons through the library staff.


The South Kingstown School Committee has a policy on the purchasing of materials in libraries that can be accessed through the Board's website and is also linked here.  

With the parameters of this policy in mind, the Curtis Corner Library 

  • ensures that purchased items have positive review(s) in professional journals such as School Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, etc.  
  • purchases items that have won awards for literary merit especially the RI Middle School Book Award and appropriate titles from the RI Teen Book Award list.
  • checks professional sources for age and grade recommendations.