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Chariho Middle School Library: Databases


Looking for a place to start your research? Look no further than the databases below!


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Discovery Education


Stream videos on thousands of topics!

Culture Grams Countries

EuropeAsiaOceaniaNorth AmericaNoneAfricaAfricaNoneSouth America

Learn about every country in the world!

Exploring Nature

Life science, earth science, and physical science resources!

CultureGrams States


Learn about our 50 states!

Databases: Ask RI

Databases: World Book

The redesigned and upgraded version of World Book Online Reference Center, includes the articles of the World Book Encyclopedia, a Biography Center, dictionary, atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, thousands of editor-selected Web sites, correlations to curriculum standards, and much more. Text-to-speech is included in this version.

Designed for older students, World Book Advanced is a powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedic, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in a single search. This version includes a text to speech feature.

Offers explanation of green building and transportation; examines cause and effects of pollution; and gives overview of major ecosystems.

This version of World Book is designed for differentiated instruction, includes reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, learning and life skills activities, research tools, multimedia, and interactive video.

This database explores the history and cultures of early civilizations like Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, and Romans.

This database examines the greatest discoveries in several fields.

Library of Congress

Top Reasons to Use Databases

Databases on Destiny Discover

This screencast shows how to use Destiny Discover to find great websites for research. Please note this was set up for 5th grade students so please adjust reading level accordingly.  Also please consider this was set up for a general search. If you have results from a website that is an expert on the subject that appears separately that can be a great choice.

This screencast focuses on finding newspaper and magazine articles. Please note EBSCO - Primary Search will generally work best for 5th and 6th grade. Seventh and Eighth graders may want to use EBSCO - Middle Search Plus while those doing research at at challenging level may want to use EBSCO - Academic Search Elite.

The database option also allows students to find World Book Encyclopedia articles on their subject. This screencast was developed for 5th graders and focuses on how to use the tools and features available on World Book Student.

Struggling readers can be well served by using World Book Discover. This will not look like World Book Student.

Students in 7th and 8th grade may want to choose World Book Advanced rather than World Book Student. World Book Advanced offers eBooks and primary source materials not available on World Book Student. World Book Advanced articles will look like World Book Student articles.