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Chariho Middle School Library: Board Builder - Discovery Education - Chromebook

Screencasts for Board Builder on Discovery Education

Please note correction to screencast. The board should save automatically it will not share automatically. You need to click on the "Share" button to share it with your teacher! I also did call the media box a text box by mistake.

The screencast above shows:

  • How to get to Discovery Education
  • How to logon to Discovery Education
  • How get to Board Builder
  • How to create a Header
  • How to add an image from Discovery Education to a media box


This screencast above demonstrates:

  • How to use a text box
  • How to hyperlink to items on the web like a website. ‚Äč

Please note: to copy on the Chromebook you can use double fingers on the pad and choose copy or press down the  CTRL key and the letter c key at the same time. To paste you can use the double fingers on the pad and choose paste or press down on the CTRL key and the v key at the same time.

Remember if you are hyperlinking and the text is white that you will want to change the color of the header if you are working with a white background. Choose "Text Style" and then "Pick Headline Color" to change the color of the hyperlink.


A reminder when doing image searches:

Remember in the image above  that you can use the button "Tools" on an Image search to find "Usage Rights" and then choose "Labeled for Noncommercial Use" to find images that the artist has given you permission to use.


The screencast above demonstrates:

  • How to move boxes around on the board
  • How to make the board bigger
  • How to add an image from the Internet to a media box....Please look at directions above for adding an image using the tool to find ones the photographer had given you permission to use

The screencast above shows how to:

  • How to add a video to a media box. Please note this was done for a 5th grade project and adjust your grade level as needed. 
  • How to add different items - media: photos, videos, audio, text, attachments
  • How to extend length of board


The screencast above shows:

  • How to cite (show) where you got your information from if it was a video on Discovery Education. 
  • How to cite (show) the information you need for an image from Discovery Education.

The screencast above will show:

  • How to cite (show) where you got your information from for an encyclopedia article on Discovery Education
  • If you are using an audio file or sound effect it will work the same way as the encyclopedia article.