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Chariho Middle School Library: Biographies

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William Shakespeare


Anne Frank

Michelle Obama


Julia Child


Michael Phelps


Arnold Palmer


Misty Copeland

Bill Nye

Marie Curie

John F. Kennedy

Henry Ford

Alexander Graham Bell

Muhammad Ali

Ruby Bridges

Mia Hamm


Michael Jordan

Rosa Parks

Walt Disney

George Lucas

John Paul Jones

Bill Gates

Alexander Hamiliton

Wright Brothers

Jane Goodall

Nikola Tesla


Wayne Gretzky


Leonardo da Vinci


Amelia Earhart


Maria Tallchief


Jesse Owens


Mahatma Gandhi


Stan Lee


Adolf Hitler


Barack Obama


Steve Irwin


Louis Pasteur

Florence Nightingale


Audie Murphy


Queen Elizabeth II


Beyonce Knowles


Michael Flatley


Henry Bergh


Stephen Hawking

Neil Armstrong

Ronald Reagan

Albert Einstein

Walter Camp

Thomas Jefferson

John Lennon

Lou Gehrig

Helen Keller

Fidel Castro

George Washington

Babe Ruth

Jackie Robinson

Malala Yousafzai

Martin Luther King Jr.

Steve Jobs


Abraham Lincoln

Winston Churchill

Frida Kahlo


Elizabeth Blackwell


Benjamin Franklin


Thomas Edison


Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Simone Biles


Donald Trump


Ty Cobb


Danny Thomas


Susan B. Anthony


Freddie Mercury