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St. Patrick Academy Library: APA

APA Instructions

Who needs to know about the APA style? The APA style should be used for "Social Sciences, such as  Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Criminology, Business, and Nursing Students" (Owl, 2019).  Students can watch the YouTube video to format the APA in Microsoft Office, Google Doc, and Word document. In addition, The Purdue Online Writing Lab can help the students to format their paper. Students can also learn how to cite their resources from this website. Please see the librarian for further assistance. 

APA Formatting Instructions

Formatting Apa. (n.d.). Retrieved from

OWL APA Style Introduction

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) can help students to cite, format the paper, and take advantage of other useful resources for research and writing. Please click on the Online OWL image above to find more information about the APA and MLA formatting, including Style Guides, In-Text Citations, Reference list sources such as Electronic, Other Print, and Non-Print Sources. The students can also find the sample papers to get the visual image of the format. 

YouTube - APA format in Microsoft 365

YouTube - APA format using Google Docs

YouTube - APA format in Word Doc