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Library Class Research Project: Step 1

Learning Target: We Are Thinkers

Standard 1.1:  Information-fluent learners use an inquiry process to connect to prior experience and background knowledge, wonder and ask questions, investigate, construct new understanding, express learning, and reflect on the process and product of learning.


Step 1 - What Do You Need To Do?

Step 1 - Determine a Research Topic

Ideas to Help You...

* Interest Inventory

* I Wonder...?

* Re-read and think about your Quarter 2 Reflection: What do I want to learn?

Step 1 - Have You Decided on a Research Topic?

Step 1 - Have You Decided on a Research Topic?

Research Topic Check In

Do I know enough about the idea or topic to ask good questions?

Am I interested enough in the idea or topic to investigate it?

Can my question(s) be answered through investigation?

Will my question(s) lead me to answers that will fulfill my assignment or purpose for research?


If the answer is "yes" to all of these questions,

conference with Ms. Galipeau to see

if you are ready to move to Step 2.