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Library Class Research Project: Home

Learning Targets

We are confident, independent learners”

Engage in Personal Exploration, Social and Emotional Growth, Independent Reading and Learning, and Personal Agency

Standard 4.1:  Information-fluent learners use information and ideas presented in any format to reflect on and pursue personal interests, develop strengths, and engage in personalized and independent learning.


Research Project Introduction and Purpose

Introduction - What are we doing?

We are applying the concepts and skills we learned during Quarter 1 of Library Class.


Information Literacy: Searching and borrowing books, eBooks, and audiobooks -> Navigating all features of Destiny Discover (Library Online Catalog and Account Management Website)

Building Autonomy and Being an Independent Learner-> Self-Checkout

Information Literacy: Freedom to Read and Express Ideas -> Reading for academic and recreational reasons, as well as identifying a research topic based on personal interests

Information Literacy -> Using a guided inquiry model as a framework for the research process

Digital Citizenship: Accessing and Using Credible Online Sources -> KMS Library Databases and Website Evaluation

Digital Citizenship: Using technology responsibly and citing sources -> Effectively using online learning tools and materials, as well as devices

Reading and Researching as a Thoughtful and Reflective Process -> Engaging with complex text, analyzing information needs, identifying information gaps, and synthesizing information.

Media Literacy-> Using the research process to communicate our new learning about the research topic to inform and share with others

Media Literacy ->  Thinking critically about the messages we create and receive

Social Emotional Learning -> Using the TAG (Tell, Ask, Give) Peer Review Protocol to give and receive feedback on projects in order to grow as learners and foster a growth mindset

Purpose - Why are we taking the time and energy to complete this project?

The reason we have Library Class is to learn and practice to skillfully access and use information.

Information is Power!

Teacher-Librarian Ms. Galipeau

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Nicole Galipeau
525 Child Street, Warren, RI 02885