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Library Class Research Project: Step 2

Learning Target

Standard 1.1:  Information-fluent learners use an inquiry process to connect to prior experience and background knowledge, wonder and ask questions, investigate, construct new understanding, express learning, and reflect on the process and product of learning.

Step 2 - Which Inquiry Model Will You Use?

Step 2 - Which Inquiry Model Will You Use?

The Inquiry Model you will use will depend on your research topic and focus.

Review the three choices below:

Background to Question Model

Read, View, and Listen Model

Timeline Model


Ban Those Bird Units! 15 Models For Teaching and Learning in Information-rich and Technology-rich Environments

David V. Loertscher, Carol Koechlin, and Sandi Zwaan; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2004; ISBN 978-1-933170-11-4

Research Model Choice 1

Research Model Choice 2

Research Model Choice 3

Step 2 - Sources and Note-Taking

Step 2 - Sources and Note-Taking

Class Discussion


Start with KMS Library Databases

Website Evaluation for Sources That Are Not KMS Library Databases

(Reminder: Google is a search engine; Duck Duck Go is a search engine - they are NOT sources)

Sources - Primary and Secondary Sources: Classwork


Note-Taking Reminders

Ways to Take Notes

    Interpreting Information: Note-Taking and Analysis

    Topic-Category: Note-Taking and Analysis

    Sketching: Note-Taking and Analysis

Graphic Organizers

Sources and Note-Taking Check In

Have I located sources with diverse perspectives?

Have I found enough accurate information to answer all my questions?

Have I discovered information gaps and filled them with more research?

Have I begun to identify relationships and patterns and thoughtfully reacted to the information I found?

Have I drawn conclusions that are supported by the evidence?

Have I organized my conclusions and evidence to present them effectively?

Source for Check In Questions

If you think you are done taking notes,

conference with Ms. Galipeau to determine

if you are ready to move to Step 3.

Resources That Can Be Printed