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Library Class Research Project: Step 4

Learning Target

Standard 1.1:  Information-fluent learners use an inquiry process to connect to prior experience and background knowledge, wonder and ask questions, investigate, construct new understanding, express learning, and reflect on the process and product of learning.

Step 4 - My project is completed. What's next?

Review your project to make that it is a true reflection of your best effort.  Make any revisions necessary.

Conference with Ms. Galipeau.

Post your project to Seesaw.

Complete the Reflection Activity.

Reflection Activity Check In Questions

What new understandings did I develop about the topic or idea?

What did I learn about inquiry?

What new questions do I now want to answer about the topic or idea?

Check In Questions Source

Step 4 - View and Comment Other Students' Work on Seesaw

Step 4 - View and Comment Other Students' Work on Seesaw

Practice good Digital Citizenship skills by commenting on other students' work on Seesaw.

All comments are helpful and thoughtful.  All comments are in complete sentences.

Use the TAG (Tell, Ask, Give) Peer Review Protocol to write your comments.