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Cranston High School West Library: Home

News from the Cranston West Library

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7:20 a.m.-2:15 p.m.

Library Guidelines

* All students must have a pass

* Please sign in and out

* Follow school rules

* No Food

* No Drinks except water

Contact Information



Susan Evje, LMS
Cranston High School West
80 Metropolitan Ave.
Cranston, RI 02920

Cranston High School West Library Service Policy

The Cranston High School West (CHSW) School Library serves, as its primary clientele, the CHSW school students, staff, teachers, service providers, family and community, without regard for age, gender, religious or ethnic background, political affiliation, educational ability or economic status. As a member of the RILINK Consortium, the Library further extends full access to its materials and services at no charge to the RILINK Consortium schools, libraries and communities. For the InterLibrary loan policy click here.
            The CHSW library’s resources are chosen for the students, staff and faculty. Resources are chosen to support the Cranston Public School curriculum and to engage students in grades 9-12. Student resources include books and online databases. Also available to teachers and staff are periodicals and DVDs.
            In addition, the main library is used for instruction, meetings, and presentations. There are two computer labs (Mac and iLab) housed in the library facility. 
            The library LibGuide (website) ( provides access to the online catalog, selected online databases and other digital resources, as well as pages devoted to specific student research assignments in all subjects.

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