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Guiteras Elementary School Library: Grade 3 Blog

Library-Classroom Connection: Biographies!

The Grade 3 students selected a person to learn about in the classroom, borrowed books from the Library and made a Bottle Buddy at home.  Students shared their learning and presented their Bottle Buddy in the classroom.  Then the Bottle Buddies were displayed in the Library for the whole school community to enjoy.  Students from Kindergarten through Grade 5 had the chance to look at the Bottle Buddies and then borrow library books that informed their creation.

Inspired by the Grade 2 students' Greenscreen projects that were part of their Writing Celebration, the Grade 3 students learned how to create their own Greenscreen images.  The students' greenscreen images are posted in the blog.  Students are continuing their Digital Citizenship study by learning and practicing how to write thoughtful and helpful comments.  We use the "TAG" Peer Feedback Model. 

T = Tell the person something you noticed or liked.  Give details.

A = Ask the person a question about their work.

G = Give a suggestion for improvement or give a compliment.

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