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Guiteras Elementary School Library: Writing

WordArt.Com for Writing Concrete Poems


Want to make the poem bigger?  Copy and then paste into Word, adjust size to make larger.  Read, enjoy and then write your own version that expressed why you love Guiteras Library.

Wordle to Make Word Clouds

Important Tip: Open Word, write your words in Word, spell check and then copy and paste into Wordle.

More Tips to...

... Make some words bigger than others to emphasize that word

The format is the "word semicolon number" - For example: Library:50

...Keep two or more words togther

Use the tilde symbol (~)  between the words - For example Guiteras~Library

You cannot save your wordles within the Wordle website.  Follow the directions below.

Directions to save a screenshot.  This link brings you to the directions for a Mac computer.  If you need directions for a Windows computer, click on the tab that says "Windows."


Make a ABCYA Word Cloud

ABCya suggests:

"*NOTE: You must enter 3 or more words for the app to function properly.

*...We suggest composing your words in a document (Google Docs or Word) and then copy and pasting them into the app. This way you can go back to your original document for edits."