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National History Day Rhode Island April 18, 2020

Narragansett Pier School Competition 2020

February 25, 2020


National Competition June 14-June 18, 2020 University of Maryland

2020 Theme: Breaking Barriers in History

NHD National Site



Click here for the National History Site                                                                                                      

Important Dates/ Upcoming Events

NHD Parent Night February 24, 2020

NHD School Contest February 25, 2020




Click here for the R.I. National History Day site.

Welcome to National History Day

Welcome to the Narragansett Pier School National History Day guide. NPS 8th grade students will participate in a research project and competition for National History Day. Students choose a NHD topic that relates to the national theme and is of interest to them. The students conduct research using primary and secondary sources; culminating in a final project and school competition.  Please refer to this guide for resources.