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North Smithfield Elementary School Library: Home

Cosmic Kids Yoga by Jaime

Paisley is practicing her yoga with Cosmic Kids!  That's awesome Paisley!

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NSES Library Information

Welcome to the NSES Library.  You can use the tabs to find out what is happening in the library!  The NSES Libguide will tell you what the students are learning, what we are reading, and showcase some of our work!  


Log in to the NSES homepage at

Kiddle is a safe search engine for children.

Engineers at Work!

Kayden and Wyatt (& Charmander)  created this awesome masterpiece! 

You can see how much work and detail went into all 

of the rooms!  



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Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization that helps empower parents, families, and educators while children navigate the digital world that we all live in.  It gives ratings , as well as age based and educational reviews on apps, games, websites, movies, books and more.  

Working from Home

Have you ever seen a tower made of books!

I love Savannah's creativity!  Will it stay up?  Yes!!!  Wow!



Logan is quite the engineer!  Look at what he designed!

Emilia and her sister Sophia are designing their own bookmarks

and Emilia created her own bookcover!  

They are awesome girls!



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At Home Learning

Claire and Brenna designed these beautiful bookmarks!

You girls will need to show us how to make these when 

we get back!  

At Home Learning

Juliana from 1M is enjoying some online reading!