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Placing Holds/Reviewing Due Dates

Placing Holds in Destiny Discover

1. To place a hold in Destiny Discover, you must first login

2. The login screen can be accessed in the upper left-hand corner of the page

3. Student logins are ep+your lunch code (ex. ep12345). Passwords are automatically set to ep

4. Once logged in, you are able to search any book by using the search bar. The green or red icon on the cover will inform whether the book is in or out.

5. Once you have clicked a book, you will have the option to select hold to place a hold in the system. Holds work on a first come, first served system. Once a hold is placed, you will be entered into a virtual queue in Destiny Discover. When the book is returned, the system will automatically check the book out to you when your hold is up. Mr. Keegan will deliver the book to you.

For a more detailed overview on placing holds, please review the video below:


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