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East Greenwich High School - Gilden: Digital Gallery of Inter-War Celebrities

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Digital Gallery of Inter-War Celebrities: Finding Inspiration in People Who Helped Make Progress

Background: With the “War to end all Wars” finally over, the world can celebrate, and nobody celebrates harder than the US. With the World Banking Capital and the Capital of World Trade being relocated to New York, massive amounts of money being poured in the US economy by European nations desperate to rebuild, and a new, upbeat, ambitious American attitude toward success, Creative Culture would thrive in America. There would be new musicians, artists, poets, dancers, singers, performers, actors, athletes, engineers, scientists, philosophers, politicians, tycoons, and so many more that would rise to never-before-seen levels of fame and fortune. Of course, all of the fame and fortune would evaporate in the span of 4 years, and a new American identity will take shape, with a new, more realistic creative approach. These two decades, the 20’s and 30’s, would completely redefine American culture, one great mind at a time.

Your task will be to select one of these incredible minds and create a visual representation for their contribution to the American culture.

Requirements for the Biographical Slide-deck:

Answer the following questions (one per slide):

  • Which creative field did this person become popular for?
  • What influences from their upbringing encouraged this creative to begin their work?
  • What was, if any, their breakthrough moment of inspiration?
  • What did this creative achieve?  
  • What was the trajectory of their personal life?
  • What influence have they had on our current culture?

Mandatory Format:  Google Slideshow

Google Slides Presentation Criteria  

  1. Title slide includes the first and last name of the celebrity and their picture.  Your name is included at the bottom of the title slide.
  2. Your slide should answer the required QUESTIONS. 
    Each question should be answered on its own slide. 
    Each slide should include a bulleted list - NOT a paragraph. 
    The guidelines is to have NO more than six lines per slide. 
  3. An image should be included on every slide. You may include more than one. 
    Every image should be relevant to the information on their slide, unpixelated and clearly identified with a caption under the image explaining what it is.
  4. Well designed with complimentary colors.
  5. Resources in MLA format are included on the last slide. (use NoodleTools). 


Visual Augmentation:

A visual representation that embodies this person's creative achievements.