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Digital Citizenship: Gr 6 Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media Topics & Habits of Mind

Gr 6 - Finding Balance in a Digital World

Essential Question: How do we balance digital media use in our lives?

Lesson Vocabulary:

Digital media- Content (text, audio, images, video) or devices that allow people to share information, communicate, and collaborate over computer networks.

Media balance - Using media in a way that feels healthy and in balance with other life activities (family, friends, school, hobbies, etc.)

Red flag feeling - When something happens on digital media that makes you feel uncomfortable, worried, sad, or anxious

“Unplug” - To engage in activities that don't involve devices, apps, or the internet

Gr 6 - Digital Drama Unplugged

Essential Question: How can you de-escalate digital drama so it doesn't go too far?

Lesson Vocabulary:

Digital drama - When people use devices, apps, or websites to start
or further a conflict between people

De-escalate - To lessen the intensity or anger in a conflict

Gr 6 - Finding Credible News

Essential Question: How do we find credible information on the internet?

Lesson Vocabulary:

Credible - Able to be believed; trustworthy

Evaluate - To carefully examine something to figure out its value

Bias - Having preference for one thing over another in a way that’s unfair

Corroboration - An additional source that confirms or supports a news story, article, or piece of information