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Digital Citizenship: Gr 8 Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media Topics & Habits of Mind

Gr 8 - Being Aware of What You Share

Essential Question: How can you protect your privacy when you're online?

Lesson Vocabulary:

Privacy - Protection from being observed or tracked by others, including the government, the public, or selected individuals or groups

Cookies - Small text files placed on your device by the sites you visit that collect information about your device and your activity

Privacy settings - Choices a website or app might give you about what information is visible to other users and third parties

Opt out - To choose to not participate in something

Privacy policy - A legal document that an app or website must provide and that describes what user information they collect and how they use it

Terms of service - A legal document that an app or website must provide and that describes the rules the company and users must obey when they use the app or website

Gr 8 - Responding to Online Hate Speech

Essential Question: How should you respond to online hate speech?

Lesson Vocabulary:

Hate speech - A verbal attack targeting someone because of a group they belong to—e.g., their race, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation, etc.

Cyberbullying - Using digital devices, sites, and apps to intimidate, harm, and upset someone

Gr 8 - This Just In!

Essential Question: How should we react to breaking news?

Lesson Vocabulary:

Breaking news - Information being reported about an event that has just happened or is currently occurring

24/7 news cycle - 24-hour, seven-day-a-week investigating and reporting of news via television, radio, print, online, and mobile app devices

Bias - Showing a strong opinion or preference for or against something or someone