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Oak Lawn School Library: Grade 4

T1 Lessons and Activities

Students will:

  • Use Destiny Discover to search for books
  • Use call numbers to find books on library shelves
  • Learn about the Rhode Island Children's Book Award

T2 Lessons and Activities

In addition to T1 standards, students will: 

  • Participate in the Hour of Code
  • Participate in RICBA voting
  • Use SORA and other ebook resources
  • Learn about Website Evaluation

T3 Lessons and Activities

In addition to T1 and T2 standards, students will

  • Identify fiction genres
  • Use Worldbook Online and other online resources for research
  • Learn about National Parks

Learner Qualities

  • Responsibility: Participates in class discussions, returns books on time
  • Cooperation: Works with other students on group assignments
  • Respect: Waits to be called on, listens to teacher and other students when they're speaking, keeps in own personal space