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Oak Lawn School Library: Destiny Discover Catalog

How to Use Destiny Discover

The Catalog

Click the box below to search the 

Oak Lawn Library Catalog 

From Catalog to Shelf

How to use the Catalog Book Entry to locate your book on the shelf: 

1.  Write down the Call Number

2.  The first part of the call number tells you in which section of the library to look.

  • FIC BAS   -------->    FIC - go to the Fiction chapter book shelves
  • E BAS    ---------->    E - go to the Everybody picture book shelves
  • B BAS    ---------->    B - go to the Biography book shelves
  • 398.2 BAS  ------>    Dewey Decimal Number - go to the Nonfiction shelves

3.  Match the Call Number to the spine label on the book using alphabetical order or the Dewey Decimal number.  

Exit Ticket

Thank You!

Thanks go to Mrs. Basso from Rhodes Elementary for designing and sharing this page.