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Oak Lawn School Library: Home

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Cranston Public Library

Check out the

Cranston Public Library!

Click the icon below to go to the web site and CPL on line catalog.


Also, click the icon below to see what e-books the Cranston Public Library has available for you!  (You'll need your library card number to borrow/read books this way.)


You can also get audio books!

Great for traveling and family trips!

Tumblebook of the Day

Use the Library Catalog

Click the box below to log in to the  

Rhodes Library Catalog of Books through Clever 



How to use the Catalog Book Entry to locate your book on the shelf: 

1.  Write down the Call Number

2.  Match the first part of the call number to the section of the library

  • Call Number ------> Section of the Library 
    • FIC BAS   -------->    FIC - go to the Fiction chapter book shelves
    • E BAS    ---------->    E - go to the Everybody picture book shelves 
    • B BAS    ---------->    B - go to the Biography book shelves 
    • 398.2 BAS  ------>    Dewey Decimal Number - go to the Nonfiction shelves
    • BAS BD -------->   Blue Dot Picture Books - go to the buckets next the E books
    • FIC BAS BD ------>  Blue Dot Chapter Books - go to the buckets next the E books

3.  Match the Call Number to the spine label on the book using alphabetical order or dewey decimal order.  

Library Policies

General Library Information

  • Every class has library for 50 minutes/week.  Students check out books every  week.
    • Kindergarten - Students may choose 1 book at at time.  Books are kept in the classroom.
    • 1st Grade - Students may choose 1 book at at time and may bring them home.
    • 2nd-5th Grade - Students may choose up to 2 books to check out a time and may bring them home
  • Students are responsible for their books.  If a book is damaged or lost, the student will pay the cost of that book.
  • Click here for the Interlibrary Loan Policy.
  • Click below for the Oak Lawn Service Policy

Meet Ms. Tanner

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Katherine Tanner
Edgewood Highland
(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Oak Lawn (Monday/Tuesday)

Meet Mrs. Steward


Hope Highlands (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Oak Lawn Elementary (Wednesday)