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Ms. Moore! That's me! (as I say at the end of the kindergarten name song each week).

I'm at Oak Lawn Tuesday morning (8:50-12:15), Wednesday afternoon (1:25-3:15), all day Thursday (8:50-3:15), and Friday afternoon for one period (2:40 - 3:15).

To look for books, click on the Catalog tab. You can access our catalog, blog, and statewide reference resources in the boxes below. Click on the tabs above for library lessons, access to e-books, and more.

Suggestions and comments are welcome. Email me at

The Oak Lawn Elementary Library serves a community of approximately 250 students in grades K-5 and 30 teachers / support staff. All Oak Lawn patrons may borrow any materials in the library. As a member of the RILINK Consortium, we also extend free access to materials to more than 160 other schools.

Materials are selected based on review sources, curriculum connections, student requests, annual awards lists, and Ms. Moore's voracious reading habits. As of fall 2020, we had approximately 6,300 print items and 100 DVDs/videos. The library also houses 12 desktop computers and 30 laptops, as well as a projector and a television.

Classroom teachers may reserve the computers for use when Ms. Moore is not teaching classes. In addition, they may check out as many books as they need for however long they need them. 

The number of items a student may have out at any one time varies according to grade:

  • Kindergartners and first graders may have one book for one week.
  • Second graders may have two books for up to three weeks.
  • Third graders may have three books.
  • Fourth and fifth graders may have up to four books.

As the school year goes on and students demonstrate their ability to return books on time and in good condition, they may be able to take out more items at a time. Students in grades 2-5 may keep their items for up to three weeks, but can return them before that if they have finished. If they need more time, they may renew for an additional three weeks.

Students, you are responsible for all items you check out. Please do not loan your library books to your friends! Lost or damaged books must be replaced, either with a new book or the cash equivalent (generally $10 for paperbacks and $20 for hardcovers).

If a teacher or student would like a book that we don't have at Oak Lawn, they may take advantage of our Interlibrary Loan program, through which we can order materials from more than 160 other Rhode Island school libraries.


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