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Edgewood Highland School Library: Website Evaluation

Essential Questions

Why is it important to evaluate a website before using it to find information?

What kinds of things do you look for to tell if a website is reliable?

What is Website Evaluation?

The web is a big, ever-growing place.  Not all websites have good information.  As matter of fact, some websites are created for the purpose of giving you mis-information (or maybe they're just trying to be funny).  Website Evaluation is the act of evaluating a website to determine if it that website has good, reliable information.  In order to evaluate a website, you have to ask yourself five important questions.  Download the Powerpoint below to find out the steps to evaluating a website.


Google Slideshow Presentation




You will be using different websites to find specific information.  First, download the document at the bottom of the page and import it as a Google Doc.  Then, follow the steps below to answer those questions.


Activity #1 - Google It!

1. Go to

2. Type in the keyword zoo

3. Answer the questions on your paper


Activity #2 – Evaluate a Website

1.  Go to​

2.  Use your check-list to evaluate the website

3. Answer the questions on your paper


Activity #3 – Fact or Fiction

1.  Go to The Dog Island​ & Doggy Daycare

2. Answer the questions on your paper



Wikipedia is usually one of the first websites that appears when we "google" something.  But, does wikipedia have good, reliable information?  Many would say no because Wikipedia can be edited by anyone who chooses to edit it.  However, incorrect information on wikipedia doesn't usually last very long because someone usually figures out that it is wrong and changes it to be correct.  So the question remains - is wikipedia a good source for information?  Check out these links below to find the answer!