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Edgewood Highland School Library: Women's History

Women's History



March is Women's History Month.  

To celebrate, we will be conducting research on some famous women.  


While you're working on this project, think about these essential questions:

1.  Why is it important to remember the work of these famous women?

2.  How have these women impacted your life?

3.  How would the world be different if these women had never lived?

Books in the Library



1.  Download and print the document above.  

2.  Use books, encyclopedias, and the links below to find information about your famous woman.

3.  While you are working, keep track of your sources on your works cited page.

4.  When your research is complete, click here to go to the Cube Creator to work on creating your cube.

Extra Activities

To see what happened this month in women's history, click here.


For an extra activitiy, download the document above and use an encyclopedia to match the name of the famous woman to her contribution.