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Edgewood Highland School Library: Internet Safety

The Basics

The Internet is an amazing thing!  It can be used to find information, to entertain, to educate, to help us create, to interact, and so much more!  But, the Internet is not always a safe place.  In this unit, we will be learning about Internet Safety including what should and should not be posted online and what is right and wrong when using the Internet.


Assignment #1 - Personal Vs. Private Information

Assignment #1 - Personal vs. Private Information


As a class, we will be discussing the following questions:

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1.  What websites do you visit on a regular basis?

2.  Which of those websites requires you to log-in to access the website?

3.  What kind of information do the websites ask for when creating an account?

4.  Why do you think the websites ask for this kind of information?

5.  What kind of information do you post online?


Private Information - Information that identifies who you are.  Example:  Your address

Personal Information - Information that does not identify you.  Example:  Favorite color

Assignment #2 - Passwords

Assignment #2 - Passwords


Having a strong password is an important key to staying safe on the Internet and keeping your information private.

Did You Know...

95% of Teens have access to a Smart Phone

45% of Teens say they are "online constantly"


(Information from PEW Research Center)

More Information

Want more information about Internet Safety and how to protect yourself?  Visit the sites below!