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Edgewood Highland School Library: Magazines

Essential Questions

1.  What is a magazine?  

2.  How are books and magazines the same/different?

3.  What can you use a magazine for?

Great kid magazines at Edgewood!

We have many magazines to check out at the

Edgewood Highland Library.  

They include:


Click on the link and then answer the questions about your magazine!


Many magazines also have an accompanying website.  Visit the websites below to learn more about animals, sports, and more!


Cover - The Cover is the front of the magazine.  It includes the Title of the magazine, the month and year of the magazine, and it hi-lights features of the magazine.

This is an example of a Cover:

Article - An article tells you information about a specific topic or theme.  It is usually made up of several paragraphs and can take up anywhere from 1 page to several pages.

This is an example of an article:

Table of Contents - The Table of Contents tells you what pages you can find specific articles and features of the magazine.

This is an example of a Table of Contents:


Impressum - The Impressum is the list of people who worked on the magazine.

This is an example of an Impressum:


Advertisement - An Advertisement is like a commercial on paper!  The point of advertisement is to get you to buy something.

This is an example of an Advertisement: