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Black History Biography Research: Inspired? Learn More...

Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum

MLB and Jackie Robinson

MLB Breaking Barriers 


 Breaking Barriers:  Find out about Major League Baseball encourages young people to be like Jackie Robinson.  Click the icon to go to the homepage. 


Great Book in our Library



Jackie's Nine:  Short stories written by Jackie's daughter, Sharon Robinson, about Courage, Determination, Teamwork, Persistence, integrity, Citizenship, Justice, Committment, and Excellence!  

Find it in the Biography section with spine label  B ROB.


Civil Rights History

Culture and Change from  

The Top 10 African American Inventors.  

Integrating Central High:  Melba Pattillo

Fighting for Civil Rights:  Rosa Parks

Time for Kids:  Black History Month

Find the Face

PBS Game   

   How many African Americans do you recognize? 

   Can you match their face to the event that made them famous? 

   Play the PBS game Find the Face to find out.  

Books in our Library

Here are few examples of Black History Books available in our library: