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Stadium Library Lessons: Library Games and Skills

Library Book Shelving Game

Mrs. Lodge's Shelver Game (from Mrs. Lodge's Library) is a super game for testing your skills on shelving books.  There are two skill games:  one for Fiction Books (A-B-C order) and one for Non Fiction Books (Dewey order-- it's trickier!).  Let's see how you do!


Books and More -- True or False

Try your skill with this Quia Book Quiz:  you'll have to figure out parts of a book; kinds of books; books in the library and how they are shelved.  Good luck!

Genre Games

Many Thanks

Many thanks to the scores of librarians who strive to make learning fun for our students.  Mrs. Lodges Library Site; the Plymouth Creek Elementary School Library; and all the folks who create quizzes on Quia.

Dewey Decimal Match

Learn the Dewey Decimal System by playing this game to Match Dewey Number Classes with their Category

Call Number Matching

Learn about Call Numbers as you match call numbers to book titles in this fun game from Quia.

Call Number Order

When you play this Call Number Order Game, your success leads to the discovery of a Hidden Picture!

More Library Games

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Try these games, with great thanks and appreciation to the Plymouth Creek Elementary School in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Monster Library Hangman

Have fun guessing the correct letters. No hints are given, but think about words related to the library.


Library Orientation

How well do you know your library? Test your skills!


Library Word Scramble

Practice your knowledge of library terms and unscramble words.


Parts of a Book

Play hangman to learn and practice the parts of a book.


Parts of a Book

4 games to learn the parts of a book. * Flashcards * Matching * Concentration * Word Search


Parts of a Book (harder)

More hangman for (more difficult) parts of a book.


Parts of a Book (hardest)

Even more hangman to learn (more difficult) parts of a book.


Reference Choice

Identify the correct reference book to use.


Reference Choices

Choose the correct reference books to find information.

Title Page in a Book

Play hangman to learn the parts on a title page of a book.