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Springbrook Elementary School Library: Grade 3

Curricular Goals

Using Google
Author studies
Use of Online Library Catalog - Destiny


Features of Non Fiction text - table of content, index, glossary, labels,captions
Organization and sections of the library

Google Docs

Students in grade three and four will be learning the basics of Google Docs.  Each third grade student has access to a student gmail account.  Students will be emailed video clips on various Google Doc basics including:

  1. Creating a Document
  2. Adding a title
  3. Centering a title
  4. Changing fonts
  5. Changing margins
  6. Text alignment
  7. Inserting an image
  8. Spell Check

Students will be creating a document that will assess their skills using the basics of Google Docs. 


Historical Fiction


Realistic Fiction


Animal Research

Pebble Go


A research database for K-3 users covering topics such as animals, science, biographies, social studies, and dinosaurs.