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Springbrook Elementary School Library: Grade 4 Science Research

Grade 4 students will be working on developing an essential question related to energy which will be researched and explored through informational writing. Below are a list of resources students will be introduced to in library to help them get started with their research.  In addition, we will work on brainstorming, keyword searching, paraphrasing, and citing sources. 




   Search World Book Kids for great information created for grades K-4. 

   Search World Book Kids for research information at the grade 3-5 level. 


 Capstone Publishing's grade 3-5 research database. 


PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media 

Search for Energy topics

Citing Lightbox Books

Here's a sample of a Lightbox citation. Because we have them in print and online, you can use print in your citation. 

Newman, Patricia and Cucini, Sara. Biofuels. New York: Smartbook Media Inc., 2019 Print. 

Lightbox Books