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Lincoln Middle School Library

152 Jenckes Hill Road

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my grade on Skyward different than the one on the VHS platform? The only grades that are entered on Skyward are Progress Report grades and Quarterly grades.  Always refer to the VHS platform for the most current grades.

How can my parents/guardians see my grades and teacher comments on VHS? Your parents/guardians will receive VHS Learning Progress Reports via email from every two weeks. The report will include your current grade. If your parents/guardians would like to see your grades and teacher comments, or the assignments you're working on, you must log onto your VHS and show them.  

I've completed my assignments, why is my grade so low? Your grade may appear low because the teacher has placed a zero on the assignment if it is not complete. Always check the Grades tab and your Private thread for messages from your VHS teacher. 

I completed the assignment, but the teacher hasn't changed the grade? Most of the VHS teachers are also teaching in person at their schools; therefore, they need time to correct and make changes.  Also, you MUST private message teachers when you complete assignments that are late, or that you have revised, so they know you have completed them. 

How will my grade affect my GPA at LMS? Your VHS grade is not calculated as part of your GPA. 

Does VHS have February and April vacations? No. You are expected to do the assignments in your course during those weeks. If your family has a vacation planned, you must notify Mrs. Doherty and your VHS teacher in advance so arrangements may be made.