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Gladstone Street School Library: RICBA Books 2019

Rhode Island Children's Book Award 2019

In the box below are book summaries and trailers for the 2019 RICBA book nominees. Some of the tabs also have links to the authors' websites and online games. The books will all be available in our school library in the fall but you can check them out from the public library this summer.

The public library may also have ebook versions of the titles. Please ask the librarians at your local library to help you access them. Don't be shy. Answering questions and helping people is what they are there for.

RICBA Nominees 2019 - All Book Summaries Courtesy of Follett


Click Icon below to go to D.J. MacHale's website.


Click the icon below to visit for online coloring, story writing and lessons.

Click the icon below to visit the author's website.