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Gladstone Street School Library: Hour of Code 2019

Welcome to Hour of Code! is an international organization with a goal of introducing as many students as possible to Computer Science. The Hour of Code offers on line tutorials to show students the basics of computer programming.  During Computer Science Week, wants to introduce millions of students to these concepts.  I have created this Guide to help students use, enjoy and learn from what offers.  I hope you all enjoy it!


Mrs. Rose

Cranston Library Supervisor


Resources for Educators can be found Here.  


All Things Code From Code.Org

He's a mean one, Mr. Grinch!!

Learn to code drones and a sleigh to capture presents on a Grinchly-adventure!!

Are you ready to code a Dance Party?  Choose a dancer, add some moves, select the music and GO!

Ahoy Matey!  Help the pirate captain find his treasure in this 3-D world of adventure. Be careful.  One mistake and he's in the water!!

Here are all of the links and resources that you need to find and play these games and tutorials.

There are about 177 NEW tutorials for Hour of Code!  (that's a lot!)  These can be filtered by grade level, experience level, and platform.  This is where all of the tutorials are housed.  You can find other resources here, too.


 Here's a tutorial starring the characters of Ice Age!  or, click the picture below.



 Mine Craft Designer Tutorial.  Click on the image below and then click on the image to the LEFT to get into the tutorial.



Here's the Star Wars Code Tutorial.  Or, click the picture  below.



Here's the Minecraft  Adventure Tutorial.  Or, click the picture below.



Code with Anna and Elsa


Click the above link to find the awesome "Frozen" tutorial.  The video introductions are embedded in these sites.


Write your Very First Code with Angry Birds!

This is just too fun... the best way for younger students to learn how to code!




Defeat the Kakamora while learning how to code!


 Be sure to check out all of the other resources on the main Hour of Code page.


The Hour of Code - WORLDWIDE

Hour of Code Is Here!

Hour of Code: Change the World

Hour of Code is Here - Anybody Can Learn

Hour of Code: Anybody Can Learn

Star Wars - Hour of Code Introduction

Minecraft - Hour of Code Introduction

Grade K, 1 Happy Maps

Gr. 2 Getting Loopy

Gr. 3 - Move It, Move It

Gr. 4, 5 - My Robotic Friends

Subject Guide

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Nancy Gaiewski
Orchard Farms Elementary School
1555 Scituate Ave.
Cranston, RI 02921
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Gladstone Street School
Tuesday, Thursday

Coding Vocabulary

Algorithm - A list of steps that you can follow to finish a task.

Program - An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine.

Persistence - Trying again and again, even when something is very hard.

Loop - The action of doing something over and over again.

Event - An action that causes something to happen.


Party Quest

Click on the icon to play the game.  



Click on the basketball to play the game.

Santa Coding


Click on the icon to play Code Boogie!.





Infinity Play Lab

Create a story or game with these characters.  Let the Coding Fun BEGIN!

More Code Resources

Check out the following following for more resources to follow up on your Hour of Code.  All of these are free sources. has free courses and tutorials to get you started!

Hour of Code

CodeCombat - Hour of Code

Hour of Code


Hour of Code 2014

Hour of Code: Code Academy

Learn an Hour of Code

Made w/Code: Holiday Lights

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Urges Girls To Participate In’s Hour Of Code

Youth Spark: Hour of Code



 A special thanks to Mrs. Rose, Library Supervisor, for creating this page in support of Cranston's Computer Science Week.

Vocabulary created by Mrs. Gaiewski, Teacher-Librarian at Orchard Farms School, Cranston.

Hour of Code lessons and unplugged lessons, selected by Mrs. Gaiewski, are part of the curriculum.

Comments may be emailed to Mrs. Gaiewski using the link at the top.