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Jamestown Schools - Summer Work: Entering Grade 8

Summer work expectations for Melrose and Lawn School students in K-grade 9.

Summer Reading Instructions for Students Entering Grade 8

  1. Students must read three books over the summer. 
  2. Students should complete the 8th Grade Summer Literature Log after finishing each book. Students should be ready to turn in a minimum of three completed logs on the first day of school. Each log should be a concise record of the book you read. 

  • Students who turn in three Literature Logs with coherent responses in each section will receive a 3. 

  • Students who wish to earn a 4 should read, complete and turn in more than three Literature Logs with significantly detailed responses in each section.

Students are welcome to use their History Day required non-fiction book for a literature log.  *This means you can receive double credit for the same work

Summer Math Work for Algebra 1 Students

Summer Math Review

Access to Free Books in Jamestown

History Day Summer Work for Students Entering Grade 8

What do you have to do?

  1. Pick a topic that is a historically significant topic and can connect to the theme, Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas. Need ideas? Go to the NHD website,  They have a series of resources like an explanation of the theme, a graphic organizer, and a list of possible topics.  The topic must be ten years or more in the past; so you can do any historically significant topic that occurs before 2013.

  2. Find a book that is a strong, non-fiction secondary source and read it.

  3. Complete the sheet

  • Cite the source using Chicago Turabian Style
  • As you read, complete the note sheet below.  Record page numbers for each note.
  • Primary sources can be quoted.
  • Secondary sources are paraphrased.

When is the  summer work due?  September 30, 2023