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Jamestown Schools - Summer Work: Entering Grade 8

Summer work expectations for Melrose and Lawn School students in K-grade 9.

Entering Grade 7 and 8 - Supply List

Summer Reading Instructions for Students Entering Grade 8

  1. Students must read three books over the summer. 
  2. Students should complete the 8th Grade Summer Literature Log after finishing each book. Students should be ready to turn in a minimum of three completed logs on the first day of school. Each log should be a concise record of the book you read. 

  • Students who turn in three Literature Logs with coherent responses in each section will receive a 3. 

  • Students who wish to earn a 4 should read, complete and turn in more than three Literature Logs with significantly detailed responses in each section.

Students are welcome to use their History Day required non-fiction book for a literature log.  *This means you can receive double credit for the same work

Summer Math Work for Algebra 1 Students

Summer Math Review

Access to Free Books in Jamestown

History Day Summer Work for Students Entering Grade 8

Turning Points National History Day 2024

What do you have to do?

  1. Pick a topic that is a historically significant topic and can connect to the theme, Turning Points. A turning point in history is more than just an important event that happened a long time ago. It is more than a new idea or a particular action taken by an individual. A turning point is an idea, event, or action that directly, or sometimes indirectly, causes change.

  2. Go to the NHD website, They have a series of resources like an explanation of the theme, a graphic organizer, and a list of possible topics.  You can do any historically significant topic that occurs before 2000.

  3. Narrow your topic. For example, World War II is interesting.  However, the topic of World War II is very broad.  You should consider what made the Ghost Army so innovative and explore how it's a turning point  to focus your research. Narrowing your topic is essential to a successful History Day project!

  4. Find a book that is a strong, non-fiction secondary source and read it.

Complete the TIDES theme sheet linked below.